Natural light: Make the most of it with easy, convenient

,PowerView® Automation.

This two-shades-in-one system puts privacy and light under your precise control.


Infinite adjustability—operate from top down, bottom up or anywhere in between.

Operating System



What is a PowerView Shade Network?

The PowerView Shade Network is a unique radio frequency ID that allows PowerView Motorization devices to communicate with each other within a home. All PowerView Devices in a home should be added to the same PowerView Shade Network. This allows for easy installation of additional control options, such as the PowerView Hub, PowerView Repeaters and PowerView Scene Controllers. Additionally, Remotes joined to the same PowerView Shade Network will be able to operate all window coverings in the PowerView Shade Network as desired.

What is a PowerView Hub?

The PowerView Hub enables use of the PowerView App. The PowerView Hub connects to a Wi-Fi router, and communicates with Hunter Douglas window coverings that feature PowerView Motorization. It stores user-defined data, such as Scene and Automation information, and provides control of window coverings from anywhere in the world using the RemoteConnect™ feature.

What is a PowerView Repeater?

The PowerView Repeater works alongside the PowerView Remotes, Scene Controllers, and the PowerView Hub to expand coverage of your PowerView Shade Network within the home.


What does the Favorite button on the PowerView remote do?

A “favorite” position can be created and set for every motorized shade in the home. The Favorite button is a quick and easy way to send shades to their specific position(s) from a single button press.

Can I use my new PowerView Pebble remote to operate my PowerRise® 2.1 shades that I had previously purchased?

The new PowerView components use a different communication method from previous Platinum™ Technology platform and cannot be used to control older shading products.